The ST15 water recovery system is a machine suitable for solid-liquid filtration and/or the recovery and recirculation of process wastewater. Depending on the type and flow rate of the sewage to be treated, it can be equipped with drum separators of different types, and with variable span in size and shape.

The unit and structure are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The unit includes the collection tank, pumps to recirculate the processing water, overflow pipes and the electrical control panel.

The machine can be used to filter process effluent to be sent to the purifier, or, where possible, to filter and recirculate process water.

The water recovery cycle is carried out in the following way: the incoming water from the casing line is fed into the machine, where it passes through a drum in which the solids are separated from the liquid; a fixed scraper removes the solid part from inside the drum, and the solid is then expelled from the backside of the unit. The filtered water is collected in a tank located below the drum, and the temperature is kept constant through the introduction of steam. The accumulated water is fed back into the casing line via an electric pump.

If necessary, the level and temperature of the water in the tank can also be kept constant by refilling with clean water. The drum separator requires no manpower for operation.

All drum separators, regardless of the type used, are equipped with scraper blades and a self-washing system. The presence of the scraper blades against the rotating drum, together with the washing, allows constant cleaning of the drum and a consequent improvement in machine performance.