This machine is designed to clean and de-fat the small intestine of the beef (also known as Beef Rounds). The casing line is composed of a variable number of tanks, vats and groups consisting of 4 rollers of 600mm, two rubber rollers to strip out the contents and two rubber rollers to de-fat the casing.

On a LB600 model 4M, equipped with 5 tanks and vats and 4 groups of rollers, the processing procedure is as follows: once the intestine is separated from the viscera the worker places the casing onto the conveyor chain which brings the casing to the first group in which the manure content is removed and the casings are de-fatted for the first time. The manure content is collected in the front pan. Once the casings exit the first group they will fall onto the second chain conveyor, dragged through the soaking tank, towards the second group where the casings will be stripped of its mucosa and de-fatted for the second time. Then the casings will fall onto the third chain conveyor, dragged through the soaking tank, towards the third group where the third phase of removing the mucosa and de-fatting takes place.

Once the casings pass through the second group, they are collected in the holding tank on a hook. The work then must invert the intestine. After turning the intestine inside out, the operator manually feeds it into the last machine (separate from the others) for the removal of the slime.

The machine is constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel and is supplied with an electric control panel encased into a stainless-steel cabinet with low tension 24 V control push-buttons. The rollers are made of rubber with stainless steel fittings and shafts. The roller system is designed with BUSHINGS with the regulating structure to adjust the rollers only on one side of the machine. This means when the worker regulates the roller on one side the entire roller moves up and down evenly.

L: 7100 mm – W: 1216 mm – H: 1400 mm

50-75 intestine/hour