Suitable for emptying all types of casings, including cattle, pig, sheep and horse casings.

It is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, and it equipped with:

    • two rollers for the wringing,
    • chute for the protection of the material
    • tank of recovery of the dung, equipped with discharge to the drains.

For the working following the suitable procedure:

Put the intestine on the feed belt, and the machine executes automatically the phase of wringing. The worked intestine, get out of the wringing group and falls on the underlying hook.

The machine is supplied complete with an electric control panel with a stainless steel cabinet and low tension 24 V control push-buttons. The rollers are made of rubber with stainless steel fittings and shafts. The roller system is designed with BEARINGS with the regulating structure to adjust the rollers only on one side of the machine. This means when the worker regulates the roller on one side the entire roller moves up and down evenly.

W: 1870 mm – L: 2045 mm – H: 1661 mm

max. 400 intestines/hour