This Unit is suitable for cleaning hog and sheep intestines. It is composed of 6 working units with rollers of 800mm in length, in which the first two groups empty the intestine of its manure content. It then falls onto the chain conveyor in which it is slow conveyed to the third group in which the casing will be emptied of its mucosa, during this process the runners will be soaking in the first tank for approximately 18-20 minutes, this depends on the customer preference. Then the runners will be delivered to the fourth group by means of a chain conveyor in which the casing will be emptied of its mucosa for the second time, during this process the runners will be soaking in the tank for 3-5 minutes, depending on the customer preference. The mucosa will be collected in a chute and diverted to the side of the machine. Once the runners exit the fourth group they will be collected on a hook.

For the final phase of the cleaning the operator must collect 4-8 runners and manually feed them into the finishing machine (which consists of 5 rollers of 600mm, three rubber and two stainless steel) wherein the outer membrane and excess mucosa will be stripped. The runners will exit the opposite side of the machine clean and ready to be soaked in cold water or salted.

The machine is constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel and is supplied with an electric control panel encased into a stainless-steel cabinet with low tension 24 V control push-buttons. The rollers are made of rubber with stainless steel fittings and shafts. The roller system is designed with the regulating structure to adjust the rollers only on one side of the machine. This means when the worker regulates the roller on one side the entire roller moves up and down evenly.