Pork stomach splitter model M.A.S.




  • The MAS is designed to splitting and pre-washing the pork stomachs
  • The stomach is manually loaded onto the guild bar which is introduced by means of a chain into the M.A.S. The chain brings the stomach towards the circular blade, which will split the stomach and at the same time water nozzles will provide a pre-washing
  • The manure and water are collected in a discharge hopper which is integrated on the machine structure
  • The structure of the machine is made of stainless steel and has adjustable feet
  • The machine is equipped with protective cover
  • The machine can work individually or be connected as an in-line system to our centrifuge machine model S, then called model LAS Unless otherwise requested, comes complete with electrical panel wired with stainless steel cabinet, requiring only to the final connections

Technical Characteristics:

  • 400v, 3phase, 50hz, 0.55 Kw
  • Up to 800-1000 heads per hour
  • Cold Water Consumption 0.7m³ / hr