Mod.S Economical

P15 E 1

Centrifuga P-R-S-LC-TL10-e Economica Model.jpegCentrifuga P-R-S-LC-TL10-ep Economica Pneumatica Model.jpegCentrifuga P-R-S-LC15-e Economica Model.jpegCentrifuga P-R-S-LC15-ep Economica Pneumatica Model.jpegCentrifuga P-R-S-LC20-e Economica Model.jpegCentrifuga P-R-S-LC20-ep Economica Pneumatica Model.jpegCentrifuga P-R-S-LC25-e Economica Model.jpegCentrifuga P-R-S-LC25-ep Economica Pneumatica Model.jpegP-R-S-LC 15E 1.jpgP-R-S-LC 15E 2.jpgP_R_S_LC_10E_1.jpgP_R_S_LC_10E_2.jpgS20 EP 1.jpgS20 EP 2.jpgS20 EP 3.jpgS20 EP 4.jpgS25 EP 1.jpgS25 EP.jpg

Utilized for the washing/de-fatting/de-slimming:

  • Pork Stomachs
  • Beef and Pork Intestines (for the exception of eh small intestine)

Ideal also for the treatment of the following products:

  • Pork and Beef Head Meat
  • Sweetbreads
  • Beef Tendons